92 George & John Cary 1822


Cary’s Traveller’s Companion had first appeared in 1790 with Devon dated 1789 (55). After 1791 the atlas did not reappear until 1806 by which time a new plate had been engraved (69). There were a number of reissues with the last dated 1821 which could have been printed and bound the year before. In 1820 there was a fire at the Cary premises and it is possible that the plates were destroyed. Whether or not this was the cause, when the atlas was issued in 1822 the maps were again from new plates.

The plates for this third version are quite different to those of the first two although the orientation is still with north to the right. Now the engraving is such that in order to read the map, one must turn it 90 degrees anti-clockwise. The scale is now vertical to the map title and the imprint is that of John Cary’s sons, George and John Cary, with address at 86 St James’s Street. This map is more accurate than its predecessors: some roads have been updated; the coasts have been redrawn and extended into Somerset; new roads appear (Ashburton-Two Bridges) and some are omitted (S Molton-E Ansty); and new places are shown (Plymouth Dock). The distance notes at the foot of the map remain though some mileages are revised (Exeter now 166 from London).

The last Cary atlases known were published c.1835 but a single map of Surrey is known with revisions dating it c.1842.1 When Cruchley took over the Cary business in c.1844 he also acquired these plates and used lithographic copies of the maps in his Railroad Companion. Gall and Inglis acquired the plates in 1877 and there is evidence that they at least contemplated a reissue.2

Size 130 x 93 mm including title.                                                                                                                             Statute Miles (10 = 13 mm).

DEVONSHIRE. Imprint: London. Published by G. & J. Cary, No. 86 St. James’s Str. (CeOS).

1. 1822  Cary’s Traveller’s Companion  
    London. G & J Cary. 1822.  CCLXXXIII, BL, RGS.
    Cary's Traveller's Companion  
    London. G & J Cary. 1824. CCLXXXIV, W
    Cary’s Traveller’s Companion  
    London. G and J Cary. 1826. CCLXXXIVa, RGS.
    Cary's Traveller's Companion  
    London. G & J Cary. 1828. CCLXXXV, W.
    Cary’s Traveller’s Companion  
    London. G & J Cary. 1828. RGS, B3.
2. 1835 Roads added, eg Moreton Hampstead-Knighton. Dock changed to Devonport.  
    Cary’s Traveller’s Companion  
    London. G and J Cary. 1828 (1835).   RGS, C.
3. 1862 Lithographic transfer. Imprint: London. Published by G F Cruchley, Map Seller& Globe Maker 81, Fleet Street (CeOS). With title, compass, list of towns and imprint erased and borders redrawn. The title rewritten in simple but heavy capital lettering along the side. Plate number 9 to left of title. Bristol and Exeter Railway to Saltash with lines to Bideford, Tiverton and Tavistock with branch to Torquay and (dotted) on to Kingswear for Dartmouth, L&SWR to Exeter and Exmouth.  
    Cruchley’s Railroad Companion to England & Wales  
    London. G F Cruchley. (1862).   BL, Leeds, Leics, KB.
4. 1868 Intaglio printing. Added railways. Second plate no.4  
    Cruchley’s Railroad Companion to England and Wales  
     London. G F Cruchley. (1868).  [NLS].


[1] See Eugene Burden’s Letter to the Editor: An unusual atlas; in The Map Collector; Issue 72; Autumn 1995; p.54.

[2] ibid.

[3] Both title pages have a label: Sold by J Wyld Geographer to his Majesty CHARING CROSS EAST, nearly opposite Northumberland House, LONDON.

[4] Eugene Burden and R A Carroll believe this may have been a preparatory state ready for lithographic reproduction.