We would like to thank the following for their permission to use illustrations making it possible for this to be the first fully-illustrated county bibliography (numbers refer to maps):

Dr Adrian Almond 6 (woodcut images), 27.2
British Library 2, 3, 26
Clive Burden and Philip Burden 61, 75
Eugene Burden 41
Tony Burgess 29, 55, 75, 78.4, 95.2, 112
Albert Field 23.2
Malcolm Woodward 11.1, 18, 19, 58, 81.8 (and detail), 97.1, 116.21 & FH1
Westcountry Studies Library, Exeter* 48, 91, 93
David Webb 108
Hampton and Littlewoods 80B
Jonathan Potter 81.9
McMaster University Library, Hamilton, Ontario 4.5
Raymond Frostick 13.3
The Journal MapForum 23.1

Our thanks to the late Herr Werner Kost and his wife, Siegried, for their patience in the photography of the majority of the illustrations.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those without whose help this cartobibliography could not have been completed; firstly those individuals who have so generously given us access to their personal collections or who have, so often, resolved difficult problems: Dr Adrian Almond, Clive and Philip Burden, Eugene Burden, Tony Burgess, Donald Hodson, David Kingsley, David Webb and Malcolm Woodward; and secondly the librarians and curators who have helped us examine their collections or answered our queries and especially Geoffrey Armitage at the British Library, Francis Herbert of the Royal Geographical Society, and Ian Maxted and all the wonderful staff at what used to be the Westcountry Studies Library in Exeter.

If we have omitted giving credit for illustrations where credit is due, firstly we apologise sincerely and secondly would ask that those who are aware of this contact us as soon as possible so we can put this right. Furthermore, we are always interested in obtaining good quality images. If you have a scan or photo of a map which is not yet illustrated and are willing to provide it, please contact us.


* The Westcountry Studies Library at Exeter


The collections of both the Westcountry Studies Library (previously all housed in the Castle Street section of Exeter Central Library) and the Devon Record Office have combined to form a fully integrated Devon Heritage Centre at the former Devon Record Office premises at Great Moor House, Sowton Business Park, Exeter. The contents of the former Westcountry Studies Library reading room at Castle Street moved to Great Moor House in early October 2012. The local studies material remaining in the stack at Castle Street will be transferred in summer 2013. Related collections, including the historic registers of the Devon Registration Service and selected archaeological records, will also be transferred to the new Heritage Centre in the future.

Taken from their website, January 2013. (

On a recent visit (March 2014) to the Devon Heritage Centre (easily accessible by public transport) the very friendly staff explained that map material had not all been transferred from Castle Street and would probably not be available until after the summer of 2014. However, materials can be pre-ordered; please give adequate notice of your visit. The amount of space for laying out material is only about the same as was previously available. Proof of identity is required at the door.