As is usual with county bibliographies, the authors used a wide number of sources for materials. The most useful county volumes (at the time this cartobibliography was first compiled) were the county works by Burden (Berks), Carroll (Lincs), Frostick (Norfolk), Hodson (Herts) and Kingsley (Sussex). By far the most comprehensive studies on county atlases, however, were those carried out first by Skelton and carried on by Hodson noted below. In compiling the notes on authors we may well have used material from these sources without obvious reference. Other works referred to are generally accredited. We hereby offer our thanks to the work of others and apologise for any glaring omissions. It is hoped that more and more counties will be posted on the web: Kent is now available (see below).

This Bibliography section has been dvided into two section:

I Bibliographic Reference to County Atlases and Maps

II Bibliographic Reference Material Relevant to Devonshire

I - Select Bibliography - English County Mapping 1575-1901


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# This work was thoroughly updated between 1999 and 2004 by Josephine French, Valerie Scott (now Newby) and Mary Alice Lowenthal for Map Collector Publications and is now one of the best sources of information on maps and mapmakers (together with the following work).

* This book, by Laurence Worms and Ashley Baynton-Williams, was published nearly sixteen years after Printed Maps of Devon first appeared and is currently the best source of information on British map engravers to 1850. It is hoped to bring the text sections up to date using their findings over the next few months.

For anyone interested in county mapping, a good place to start is by joining the International Map Collectors' Society (IMCoS). Many lovers of English county maps can be found there and they publish an interesting journal four times a year. Visit their website:

Tony Burgess was the first to post a cartobibliography of English County Maps on the web: Old Maps of Kent can be accessed via

II - Select Bibliography - Devon Maps and Mapping


Devon is one of the best researched counties in England and Wales in terms of its mapping and over the past 15 years a large number of important books have been published detailing some of the thousands of maps representing parts of the county. The following is a useful resource list of books including aspects of Devon mapping. If you are aware of any further works which would be useful to those researching Devon's history through maps and charts, please let us know. 


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NOTE: * These three works have all been updated and are all available on-line.