88 James Wallis / W H Reid 1820


James Wallis who by 1812 had already produced two county atlases (77, 78), only produced one more notable cartographic work some eight years later. His third English and Welsh county atlas was published by W H Reid, whose name appears on the frontispiece, hence the maps are often referred to as Wallis and Reid maps. The maps are similar to the Crabb maps of 1819 (85) and one may be a copy of the other. C Hinton was also involved in the publication of these maps and his address was the same as one of Crabb’s addresses. In 1825 the maps were produced as playing cards but two cards (Devonshire and Somersetshire) did not come from the Panorama. They were Crabb’s maps as reissued by Miller in 1821.

The atlas was published in 8vo format and consisted of 53 maps. Devon faced page 29 in the atlas and the map was followed by four pages of information such as principal towns, principal fairs, principal seats and parks, members of parliament and even a list of county bankers.

Recently a new edition of the Panorama was discovered with the imprint of William Cole. From the imprint of a later map executed by William Ebden (95) we know that William Cole had recently taken over the business of Hodgson. This later map is dated 1825; presumably Cole issued this edition of the Panorama to exploit the plates which he had just acquired.

Size 68 x 103 mm.                                                                                                                                                     Scale of Miles (10 = 10 mm).

DEVONSHIRE. Imprint: Published by J Wallis, 77 Berwick Str. Soho; & C Hinton, Ivy La. Paternoster Row. (CeOS).

1. 1820  The Panorama: or Traveller’s Instructive Guide Through England and Wales (DevA)
    London. W H Reid. (1820). CCCLXXII, BL, RGS, W, C.
2. 1820 Imprint erased.  
    The Panorama: or Traveller’s Instructive Guide  
    London. W H Reid. (1820).  B.
3. 1825 Imprint added: Published by Hodgson & Co. 10, Newgate Street. (CeOS).  
    The Panorama of England and Wales  
    London. Hodgson & Co. (1825).   B.
4. 1825 New imprint: Published by William Cole, 10, Newgate Street.  
    The Panorama of England and Wales  
    London. William Cole. (1825). AY1 .


[1] Alan Yates points out that this edition does not have the usual text pages. The title page ustilises the coach and horses illustration on its title page as used by Reid or Hodgson. Our thanks to Alan Yates for drawing our attention to this issue.