95 William Ebden / (James Duncan) 1825


William Cole was a publisher and bookseller who took over the business of Hodgson and Co. in 1825 (see imprint of the map below). Hodgson had the plates or printed sheets of Reid's Panorama and Cole published a new edition of the Panorama of England and Wales shortly after taking over the business. He also seems to have commissioned a set of county maps at a larger size. It is possible that he was unsuccessful in this project and three years later the Devon map was being offered by S Maunder. James Duncan was a publisher of Paternoster Row, London. It is thought that he issued The Scotch Itinerary of 1805. When Duncan’s A New Atlas of England and Wales (folio, 44 maps) appeared in 1833 the map of Devon contained in the atlas had already been issued before under different titles and imprints. The map was prepared (presumably for Cole) in 1825 by William Ebden who had already produced a large map of Devon for Laurie and Whittle (see map at 76). The maps were engraved by Edward Hoare and J Reeves whose imprint appears on the Berkshire map .

In 1850 William Wood, a Devonport printer and publisher, issued the first and second editions of his Hand-Book to South Devon included a very close copy of the Duncan map See Victorian Maps of Devon, entry 129A). However, when the Hand-Book reappeared a little later in the third edition (1857-58) the map included was a smaller map of South Devon. There may have been one more issue of A New Atlas1 before Collins acquired Duncan’s plates (c.1850) and issued them in The New British Atlas c.1853. Henry George Collins (fl.1850-9) was a London publisher who also issued editions of Teesdale’s Atlas (see 99). Folding maps were issued by Edward Stanford c.1866 with the earlier title, New Map of the County, and Stanford’s imprint.

Size 227 x 381 mm.                                                                                                                                                     SCALE (20 = 86 mm) Miles.

EBDEN’S New Map of the County of DEVONSHIRE; Divided into Hundreds laid down from Trigonometrical Observations by W EBDEN. Imprint: London. Published Feby 22. 1825, by WILLIAM COLE, late HODGSON & Co. 10, Newgate Street. (CeOS).                                                                                                            

1. 1825  An incomplete set with no title page probably published by S Maunder. W.
2. 1828 Imprint now: London. Published Septr 20 by S MAUNDER. 10 Newgate Street.  
    Published as loose sheets and by a succession of publishers circa 1828.                       (DevA).2
3. 1833 Title now: New Map of the County of DEVONSHIRE Divided into Hundreds Containing the District Divisions and other LOCAL ARRANGEMENTS effected by the REFORM BILL (Ea). Imprint changed: London. Published by J Duncan. Paternoster Row. Sign for Polling places added vertically alongside Explanation key. (DevA), (NDL).
    A New Atlas of England and Wales  
    London. James Duncan. 1833.  BCL.
    A Complete County Atlas of England and Wales  
    London. James Duncan. (1835), 1837.3 CCCCLV, BL; W, Gl.
    A Complete County Atlas of England and Wales  
    London. James Duncan. 1838. CB, KB.
    A Complete County Atlas of England and Wales  
    London. James Duncan. (1840), (1845). BL, C; RGS.
3a. 1840 Railway to Exeter introduced and named; Bristol and Exeter Railway.  
    A Complete County Atlas of England and Wales  
    London. James Duncan. (1840). AY4.
4. 1855 Title: Collins’ Railway and Telegraph Map of Devonshire; Divided5 . New imprint: London. Pub. by Henry George Collins, Paternoster Row. Sign for Railways added to Explanation table and special key added (Ed) with railways and telegraph stations. Railways to Bideford, Plymouth with branches to Tor Moham (Torquay) and Tiverton only. Roads in adjoining counties have been added.  
    The New British Atlas (KB).
    London. Henry George Collins. (1855). [CB].


[1] The British Library has a copy with 1840 added to the cover as well as a collection of maps without title page of approximately the same date.

[2] Illustration courtesy of Tony Burgess.

[3] A copy is known (collection of D Hodson) with date 1827 but this is probably in error for 1837.

[4] This would imply the information relating to the (1840) and (1845) atlases at C/BL and RGS respectively should be amended. Our thanks to Alan Yates for noting the contents of his (undated) atlas.

[5] Original title only amended up to word Divided. Mixture of type faces similar to earlier versions.