95A Wilhem v. Schlieben 1825


Wilhelm August von Schlieben (1781-1839), a German geographical author especially interested in statistics1, is known to have produced a small number of topographical works. A work on Germany produced in two parts towards the end of the 1820s was Neuestes Gemälde der deutschen Bundesstaaten and the first volume contained descriptions of Bavaria, Württemberg, Baden, Hesse, Nassau, Oldenburg and the 4 cities which were still a so-called Reichstadt. The second volume had four attractive copperplates2. Both volumes were published in Vienna by Doll in 1830 and 1831. These two works may have been part of Schütz's Allgemeine Erdkunde, Oder Beschreibung aller Länder der fünf Welttheile (Schutz’s General Geography or Description of all the countries in the five continents). This had numerous plates and was updated by W. Tielcke and J.G. Sommer working with other authors.

The map below probably came from another topographical work, Atlas von Europa nebst den Kolonien,published in parts from 1825. The first volume3 was confined to France and the Turkish Empire in Europe (parts 1 and 2, also bound in one volume), with 33 and 12 pages of text and 41 maps (each sheet 340 x 250 mm). The publisher’s imprint bears publication details. A later volume was confined to Germany (parts 9 and 10) with 44 pages of text accompanying the 26 engraved maps (again 340 x 250 mm), but there are no publisher’s details. The Atlas was published in parts with these being bound together and republished. The part covering The British Isles contained 20 maps of Britain and Ireland and at least 6 maps of British possessions.

Size: 195 x 260 mm (borders).                                                                                                                                    Two scale bars(see below).

BRITISCHES REICH (CaOS). No imprint or signature. Graticuled inner border. Two scale bars: Geographische Meilen (1 + 10 = 85 mm) and Englische Meilen (10 + 40 = 85 mm) both (Ed - Ee). There are numbers and letters on the map and these are explained in two sections in the map, e.g. 12 = Devon and 13 = Cornwall. Text subtitle (Ca): A. KÖN: ENGLAND.

Map shows all of Devon and Cornwall and a small part of south Wales. The Scillies are shown breaking the border (Ae) and the Dorset border breaks the frame to the east. Inset map of the Isle of Man (Aa). There is no page or plate number. 

1.   1825    Atlas von Europa.  
    Leipzig. Georg Joachim Göschen. 1825. (Assumed)  [MUL]4 , KB5.


[1] One of von Schlieben’s earliest works may have been a volume on mathematics and algebra, Die Elemente der reinen Mathematik. Erläutert durch Beispiele aus Naturlehre, Statistik u. Technologie. Teil 1 which appeared in Leipzig and Altenburg, published by the Brockhaus company in 1817.

[2] Neuestes Gemälde der Preußischen Monarchie: the four copperplates depicted Kynast in the Riesengebirge, the Museum in Berlin, Stubbenkammer (Insel Rügen) and the church of the Deutschen Ordens in Marienburg, it also contained descriptions of Pommern, Schlesien, Posen, Rheinprovinz and Westfalen.

[3] With the subtitle: Für Geschäftsmänner, Zeitungsleser und Besitzer des Conversations-Lexicons in einer Folge von Charten und einem alphabetisch eingerichteten Texte.

[4] The John Rylands library at Manchester University is reported as having a copy.

[5] A collection of all sheets taken from two separate atlases.