34 Thomas Kitchin 1750


The London Magazine: Or, Gentleman’s Monthly Intelligencer appeared from 1st May 1732 until 1st July 1783 printed for Robert Baldwin. At its peak, in 1739, the magazine sold some 8000 copies. Although each magazine had a title page these were often lost or discarded when the magazines were bound. A set of English and Welsh county maps, engraved by Thomas Kitchin, was issued between 1747 and 1763 but at irregular intervals. The map of Devon, was based on Robert Morden’s map for Britannia (21), although the Cornish border was based on Joel Gascoyne’s important large-scale survey of Cornwall of 1699. Devon appeared in August 1750, in Vol. 19. opposite p.342. Each county map illustrated an account of the county, largely taken from Cox’s popular Magna Britannia (22). From May 1741 a Dublin edition of the magazine appeared with extremely close copies of the maps (see next entry 35).

In 1769 Devon, and nine other maps by Kitchin from The London Magazine, appeared in England Displayed. Being a New, Complete, and Accurate Survey and Description Of The Kingdom of England, And Principality of Wales. The information relating to England was revised, corrected, and improved by P Russell, Esq; and that of Wales, by Owen Price. The printers were Adlard and Browne of Fleet Street. Thirty-three of the other maps in this work were by Thomas Read as used by John Rocque in The Small British Atlas, four by George Rollos and one by Thomas Bowen. The maps were reissued with minor changes in historical and topographical works by Alexander Hogg.

Size 205 x 180 mm.  British Statute Miles 69 to a Degree (20 = 49 mm).

DEVONSHIRE Drawn from the best Surveys, Maps, Charts, &c and Regulated by ASTRONL. OBSERVATNS. By T. Kitchin Geogr. Imprints: For the London Magazine. (CaOS) and Printed for R. Baldwin Junr at the Rose in Pater Noster Row (CeOS). The Arms of Exeter.                                                                              

1. 1750  The London Magazine (DevA).
    London. R Baldwin junr. 1750. CLXXXVII, H229, BL, RGS, C, B.
2.  1769  Imprints removed. Published in weekly parts, bound in two volumes; the first 7 parts contained the Kitchin maps. (White paper, slightly shorter than that of above editions.) (DevA), (NDL), (DEI).
    England Displayed.  
    London. S Bladon, T Evans, J Coote, W Domville and F Blythe. 1769.  CCXXXVI, H203, BL, W, BCL.
3. 1786  Somerset coast extended into title panel.  (DEI).
    Historical Descriptions of New and Elegant Views of the Antiquities of England and Wales ... by Henry Boswell assisted by Robert Hamilton  
    London. Alexander Hogg. (1786). CCLVII, BL, W.
    Complete Historical Descriptions ... by Henry Boswell  
    London. Alexander Hogg. (1790).     CB.
    The Antiquities of England and Wales ... by Henry Boswell 1  
    London. Alexander Hogg. 1795.        B.
    A New and Complete Abridgement ... by Francis Grose  
    London. H D Symonds and Alexander Hogg. 1798.   W.


 [1] Copies of the Boswell Antiquities have been seen printed on pale-blue coloured paper.