35 John & Sarah Exshaw / (Thomas Kitchin) 1750


A series of county maps engraved by Thomas Kitchin had appeared in Robert Baldwin’s The London Magazine between 1747 and 1763 (see previous entry 34). Almost simultaneously close copies of these maps were published in Dublin by Sarah and John Exshaw. They appeared in The London Magazine And Monthly Chronologer, also known as Exshaw’s Magazine.

This magazine appeared from May 1741 to December 17941 and was initially published by Edward Exshaw. He was later joined by John Exshaw in 1745 and after Edward’s death in 1748 Sarah became the joint publisher with her brother-in-law. After 1755 the quantity of material from other sources increased as the Dublin magazine established itself, which is reflected in the change of name in 1755 to Gentleman’s and London Magazine and Monthly Chronologer.

As with the London issues, the maps illustrated articles describing the counties, yet the first Dublin map did not appear until 1749, coinciding with the tenth in the London series (Oxfordshire). The county maps were issued until 1752 but only 28 were published.2 The two very similar maps of Devon appeared in August 1750 in both issues implying a large amount of cooperation.

The Devon map, which appeared in Volume 19 of the Irish publication, is different in a number of features to the map in the London edition. Apart from the obvious imprint differences, the Exshaw map Explanation section does not have the wavy lines between the symbols and map border; the town symbols for Kellington in Cornwall and Prickworthy near Barnstaple are missing; Kegbere by Okehampton is now Kegiere and Honiton misspelt as Hointon, Ilfracombe as Ifracomd; Taw River and Holberton near Tiverton are not named; also the S of Sh(ire) in the last line of the explanation, the hill chain on the Somerset border and the siting of some trees is different. A text on the county appeared on pages 400-402. While the map of Devon from The London Magazine was reissued, the Dublin version does not appear to have been reprinted.


Size 205 x 180 mm.                                                                                                             British Statute Miles 69 to a Degree (20 = 49 mm).

DEVONSHIRE Drawn from the best Surveys Maps, Charts, &c and Regulated by ASTRONL. OBSERVATNS. By T. Kitchin Geogr. Imprint: For the London Magazine. (CaOS) with date Augst. 1750. and page number P. 402. ( both EaOS). Second imprint: Printed for S. & I. Exshaw Dublin. (CeOS). The Arms of Exeter.


1. 1750 The London Magazine And Monthly Chronologer                                              
  Dublin. Sarah and John Exshaw. 1750.     Jolly GAL27, B.


[1] Donald Hodson; County Atlases of the British Isles Vol. II; Tewin Press; 1989; Appendix I.2.

[2] The other maps to appear in Volume 19 were Sussex, Surrey, Cumberland, Chester, Lancaster and Cambridge.