33 Thomas Kitchin / Thomas Jefferys 1749


In November 1748 a group of London publishers, M Payne and 8 others, issued the first number of a new part-work The Small English Atlas. Whether Payne and his co-publishers finally completed the series is not known, but during the following year Thomas Kitchin and Thomas Jefferys had acquired the publication and produced the first bound editions. According to an advertisement Devon appeared in December 1748 in Part III. Mary Cooper and M Payne were involved in its distribution.

Both Kitchin and Jefferys had been apprenticed to Emanuel Bowen and both were destined to become Geographer to the King, the title Bowen held before them. Kitchin finished his apprenticeship in 1739 and established his own business two years later (see also 34, 35, 43, and 49).

Jefferys produced a great many maps including Donn’s important map of Devon (44, 45).

The maps for The Small English Atlas were printed four to a plate and Devon would have been printed with Leicester, Somerset and Durham, but no copy of a full plate has been found. Laurie and Whittle were offering the atlas until the early 1820s, probably using sheets acquired when they took over Robert Sayer’s business. Later issues can only be told apart by the wear to the plate.


Size 180 x 135 mm.                                                                                                                                                      English Miles (15 = 25 mm).

Map area 110 x 132 mm.  

A Map of DEVONSHIRE (CaOS) and text below map begins DEVONSHIRE Is bounded ...


1. 1749  The Small English Atlas   (E).
    London. Kitchin & Jefferys. 1749.  
      CXCII, H209, BL, RGS, B, W.
    The Small English Atlas  
    London. Kitchin & Jefferys. 1751.  
      CXCIII, H210, RGS, C.
2. 1751  Plate number - 13 - added (EaOS).1  
    The Small English Atlas  
    London. Kitchin & Jefferys. 1751.  
      H210, W.
3.  1775 Text below map begins: This COUNTY contains 1 City, 11 Boroughs and 26 Market Towns. The list of towns following is in alphabetical order. The detached part of east Devon, just in Dorset, is coded (a) and a note is found just above the compass. Hundreds are shown by dotted lines.  
    The Small English Atlas  
    London. Robert Sayer, John Bennett, John Bowles, Carington Bowles. (1775).  
      H211, RGS, W, B.
    An English Atlas Or A Concise View of England And Wales  
     London. Robert Sayer and John Bennett. 1776.         
      H212, CB.
     An English Atlas Or A Concise View of England And Wales  
      London. Robert Sayer. 1787.2     
      CCLIX, H214, C.
    An English Atlas Or A Concise View of England And Wales  
    London. Robert Sayer. (1794), (1796).3  
     H215, W; H216, [P].


[1] Not all plate numbers were added at the same time: see Hodson entry H210, Vol. II, for an analysis, pages 64-72.

[2] Hodson (H213) and Chubb (CXCIV) record an issue of The Small English Atlas (London. Robert Sayer. c.1785) once belonging to Sir H G Fordham. An untitled atlas in the Whitaker collection (W60) is believed to be this edition.

[3] Reissued 1794 with a table with Laurie and Whittle imprint; and in 1796 with a dated Laurie and Whittle imprint on a general map.