86 Neele / Pinnock 1819


William Pinnock (1782-1843) of Alton, at first a schoolmaster then a bank teller, was also a historian and topographer. He joined Samuel Maunder in 1817, marrying his sister. They published educational books including Catechisms and Geographies and the History and Topography. Pinnock edited The Guide to Knowledge (108) with the interesting white on black maps by Joshua Archer. Maunder (1785-1849), a Devonian, was mainly a compiler of dictionaries. His little gazetteer was published in 1845.

Pinnock’s History and Topography of Devonshire was one volume in a series of eighty-three County Catechisms published by Pinnock and Maunder. The series was published in parts, each county being published separately, with Bedfordshire and Berkshire appearing first. The text of the histories was set out in question and answer format consisting of some seventy pages and included such information as the sites of fairs. From this we learn that Upottery had a toyfair in October, Denbury a cheese and soap fair on September 8th and many towns held wool markets in the autumn. The page size was only 130 mm so that the Neele imprint from the Histories is often missing, the map being cut along the bottom border and folded twice. Later editions have Whittaker’s imprint; he possibly bought the plates when Pinnock got into financial difficulties. Whittaker also published editions of A Topographical Dictionary with maps by Cooper (72).

Size 128 x 160 mm.                                                                                                                                    Scale of Statute Miles (10 = 17 mm).

DEVONSHIRE. Signature: Neele & Son, fe, 352, Strand. (EeOS). No Explanation key.

1. 1819  Pinnock’s History and Topography of England and Wales Vol I.  
    London. Geo. B Whittaker. 1819. CCCXCVI, BL.
2. 1820 Explanation key added above title.  
    The Travellers Pocket Atlas  
    London. Pinnock & Maunder. (1820). C.
    Pinnock’s County Histories. The History and Topography of Devonshire  
    London. G & W B Whittaker. (1820).  C, E.
3. 1821 Imprint: Published by G. & W. B. Whittaker, Ave-Maria Lane, 1821. (CeOS).  
    Pinnock’s County Histories  
    London. G Whittaker & Co. (1821).1 KB, AA.
    The Travellers Pocket Atlas  
    London. G & W B Whittaker. 1823.2 CCCXC, BL, W, B, C, RGS
    Pinnock’s History and Topography of England and Wales Vol I.  
    London. Geo. B Whittaker. 1825.  [P].


[1] Although some authors suggest 1824-25 for this series, the volume for Devon has a list of members of the first parliament of George IVth (p.11). George, after being Regent on the illness of his father, acceded to the throne when George III died in 1820. Parliament met on February 17th and was dissolved on February 28th. The next parliament assembled 21st April and the first session was commenced on 27th April 1820.

[2] Harold Whitaker records an 1821 edition by the same publishers - entry 375; in Maps of Northumberland; Society of Antiquaries and Public Libraries Committee; 1949.