85 Thomas Crabb / (Reuben Ramble) 1819


Thomas Crabb, a London publisher, engraved a set of maps on cards about 1819  (the date on the card of Scotland) which were closely similar to the maps which were published in Reid and Wallis’s The Panorama; or, Traveller’s Instructive Guide (compare with 88) the following year. As the address on the Crabb cards of both Scotland and Cheshire is 1 Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row, also the address of C Hinton, whose name appears on the imprint of the Reid and Wallis maps, it would seem clear that cooperation took place (Crabb moved to John Street in 1820). A card of Devon has not been found but may be assumed as others in the set were reissued by Robert Miller in his Miniature Atlas. Miller was a bookseller and publisher who often worked closely with William Darton: and it was Darton who subsequently reissued the maps about 1822. In 1845 a lithographed series of 40 maps with decorative views surrounding the original maps was produced by Reuben Ramble although some counties are found in this state as early as 1839. Reuben Ramble’s Travels was clearly designed to appeal to children. Reuben Ramble was a pseudonym for the Rev. Samuel Clark, Rector of Eaton-Bishop who published under the name Sam Clark.

Size 68 x 105 mm.                                                                                                                                          Scale of Miles (10 = 9.5 mm).

DEVONSHIRE. Imprint: London. Published by T Crabb 15, John Street, Blackfriars Road (CeOS).

1. 1819  One of a set of cards (this state is supposed - see text) [London. T Crabb. 1819.]  
2. 1821  Long. W. from Lonn.in border (BeOS). New imprint: London. Published by Robert Miller, 24, Old Fish Street. (CeOS). Plate number 42 added vertically (EeOS).  
    Miller’s New Miniature Atlas CCCXL
    London. R Miller. (1821). BL, C, W.
    One of a set of playing cards; the other cards were based mainly on Reid’s Panoramabut not Devon or Somerset BL.
3. 1822 New imprint: London. William Darton; 58, Holborn Hill. (CeOS).  
    Darton’s New Miniature Atlas CCCXLI
    London. William Darton. (1822). BL, W.
4. 1845 No imprint. The map is surrounded by views of the county. Symbol for Railways added below and railway to Exeter. Sheet size is 216 x 165 mm.  
    Reuben Ramble’s Travels Through the Counties of England DXVII
    London. Darton and Clark. (1845). BL.
    The Child’s Treasury of Amusement and Knowledge; or, Reuben Ramble’s Picture Lessons  
    London. Darton and Clark. (1845). C.
    Reuben Ramble’s Travels in the Western Counties of England  
    London. Darton and Clark. (1845). AA1.
    Reuben Ramble’s Travels Through the Counties of England  
    London. Darton and Clark and Co. (1850). C.


[1] Also includes Berkshire, Wiltshire, Dorsetshire, Cornwall, Hampshire, Gloucestershire and Somerset.