27 Thomas Badeslade / William Henry Toms 1741


Thomas Badeslade (fl.1719-45) was a noted surveyor and engineer concerned with waterway improvements especially of the reclamation of the Fens. He also prepared the maps for Chorographia Britanniae; a series of small county maps reputedly produced for George II for an intended royal tour of England and Wales. Each map, engraved by William Henry Toms, has a column of historical and topical notes of local interest. The atlas appeared in 1742 but many of the maps, including Devonshire, are dated 1741. There were possibly three or more printings of this edition including one quarto edition. Though some counties show Herman Moll’s influence this is not apparent for Devon. The coasts are more detailed and the South Wales coast is also shown. The large number of surviving examples of the atlas shows that it was a considerable success. It was advertised regularly and soon being retailed by twenty-six booksellers. It was the first eighteenth century county atlas to be pocket size (with sheets folded and bound it measured 165 x 105 mm) and, like its roadbook equivalent Britannia Depicta, it immediately found a ready market.

Size 145 x 145 mm.  English Miles (20 = 29 mm).

Map panel 145 x 100 mm. 

A Map of DEVON SHIRE. West from London (CaOS). Page No. 13 (EaOS). Imprint: Publish’d by the Proprietors T Badeslade & WH Toms Septr. 29th. 1741. (CeOS). Signatures: T. Badeslade delin. (AeOS) and W H Toms Sculpt (EeOS).

1. 1741  Chorographia Britanniae. Or A Set of Maps of all the Counties  (DevA).
    London. W H Toms. 1742. CLXX, H188, BL, W, B, RGS. 
2. 1742 Numerous place names added or revised: North Devon coast has Cryde B,Mort Pt and Lynton; South Devon coast has Armemouth,Barr I, Chilton, Start B,, Dolish, Exmouth, Autre R and Stokentinhead. Roads added eg Exeter to Axminster, at Bampton, Barnstaple and Hatherley.  
    Chorographia Britanniae  
    London. W H Toms. 1742. CLXXI, H189, BL, RGS. 
3. 1742  Imprint now: Publish’d by the Proprietor W H Toms Sept. 29. 1742.  
    Chorographia Britanniae  
    London. W H Toms. 1742.1 H190, [NHL].
4. 1745 Note on market days at Plymouth Dock added under Plymouth in text    (DevA), (DEI). 
    Chorographia Britanniae ... The Second Edition  
    London. C Hitch and W H Toms. 1745. CLXXII, CLXXV/VI, H191, BL, B, C, W. 
    Chorographia Britanniae  
    London. J Clark, C Hitch and W H Toms.(1746).    CLXXIII, H192, BL, W. 
    Chorographia Britanniae  
    London. C Hitch, W Johnston and W H Toms. (1749).    CLXXIV, H193, BL, W. 


[1] The copy at NHL has not been seen, but the late Dr Almond had a copy of the map in this state: it is assumed this would be as described.