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In 1996 Francis Bennett and myself published our first book on the maps of Devon and listed all known maps printed
between 1575 and 1837 showing the whole of the county of Devon on either one or two sheets. Although this omitted Ordnance Survey sheets and those atlases designed on a sheet basis, this meant that we were still able to list 117 different maps along with their sources and provide information on the people behind them.

This site is the internet version of the revised Second Edition of The Printed Maps of Devon.

Since the original work was published (now out of print) more maps have come to light and new information discovered so that the present work includes a total of 119 different maps incorporating over 300 states (i.e. including variations) and references nearly 1200 sources of atlases and maps. These are all included here in this site. Furthermore, as the authors are no longer restricted to the A4 format, we have been able to include extra information on many of these issues.

Interested users of this site are invited to contribute new information and new states or even new maps. Moreover, in the course of our researches we may have omitted something, overlooked a source or falsely interpreted our notes. We apologise for any errors and welcome correspondence and corrections from fellow enthusiasts and collectors.

Please note that the sequel to Printed Maps is now available on-line. The Victorian Maps of Devon in an up-to-date revised second state can now be accessed by clicking this link.

It is planned to add further sites in the future: the work of John Cooke of Plymouth and The Printed Maps of Exeter. So watch this space!

Kit Batten

BlogSpot Articles

I have decided to add articles I have written to the public domain. I have a blogspot where I have a catalogue and description of Rhine Leporello Foldout Maps. 

I am beginning an article on Thomas Moore's History of Devon and Henry Fisher's Devon and Cornwall Illustrated. This will be added to over time.

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Van der Aa's map of Devon - Entry 013 state 4




At a recent auction I was able to obtain a copy of the exceedingly rare version of Van den Keere's map of 1648 but issued much later by Van der Aa in 1729. At the time I wrote the Printed Maps I was only aware of one copy of La Galérie Agréable Du Monde (at the British Library) and was unable to obtain an image. I have now discovered that the National Library of France has a copy and the complete atlas is available on-line. 

The map has an added frame: but note the lack of symmetry. The right hand side does not match the left. It is as though the printer had various blocks for framing and added two at random.


After completing six books / monographs on Devon mapping I am beginning to sell off my collection. If you see any map or atlas with "KB" as the source (extreme right of listing) then I have this in my collection. If you are interested in buying, let me know!

In addition I have a new site where I will list maps from my collection for sale. 

Go to 


for a short list of maps currently on sale. If you can see from my two web sites - Printed Maps of Devon and Victorian Maps of Devon that I may have a map of interest to you, feel free to send me an enquiry or to make me an offer.


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