100 T Laurie Murray 1830


The only atlas to appear under T L Murray’s name was the Atlas of the English Counties ... Exhibiting the whole of the Inland Navigat’n Rail Roads, &c. Projected on the basis of the Trigonometrical Survey By Order of the Honble. The Board of Ordnance. Under the Superintendance of T L Murray, issued in 1830 (folio, 44 maps). Murray was a publisher and surveyor who used the maps of the Ordnance Survey on which to base his own. The large maps are without any decoration at all and are similar in many ways to Cary’s larger maps. The hundreds are shown and distances from London for the larger towns.

The atlas was reissued in 1831 and 1832 and these issues are readily identified as the date in the imprint was changed each time, although the NDL have a loose 1831 variation.

Size 355 x 455 mm.                                                                                                                                               SCALE (15 = 63 mm) miles.

DEVONSHIRE. Imprint: London. Published May, 1st. 1830, by T. L. Murray. 19 Adam Street, Adelphi. (CeOS) and signatures: Drawn under the Superintendence of T. L. Murray. (AeOS) and Hoare & Reeves fe (EeOS).

1. 1830   An Atlas of the English Counties  (DevA).
    London. T L Murray. (1830). CCCCXIX, BL, W, C, BCL.
2. 1831 Imprint amended to 1831.  (DevA).
    An Atlas of the English Counties ...  
    London. T L Murray. (1831).                                                        CCCCXX, BL, W, C.
3. 1831 A faint pecked line shows the proposed North & South Divisions.                            (NDL).
4. 1832

Imprint amended to May, 1st. 1832. A further Explanation is added below title. A supplement is added to the Explanation for the parliamentary boroughs and polling stations and these are shown on the map together with strengthened division line.

    An Atlas of the English Counties ...  
    London. T L Murray. (1832).                                                                                      C, (DevA).