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Christopher and John Greenwood had already produced a large-scale map of Devon in 1827 - Map of the County of Devon - a map on 9 sheets (96). Subsequently a reduced version of this was issued and appeared in Greenwood & Compy’s Atlas of England and Wales first published in parts in 1829, 1830, 1831 and 1834 (folio, 46 maps). Only the fourth part included parliamentary representation but in the second state all the previously published maps were so modified. Various states of these maps might have also been available as loose maps at this time. Although the Atlas title page only refers to J & C Walker as engravers, Dower (see 111) engraved the map of Berkshire and Devon was possibly engraved by J & J Neele of 352 Strand, London.

 The atlas was printed with the maps being available coloured or uncoloured and was available in a boxed set of dissected maps in four volumes titled Greenwood’s Atlas of England and Wales.

 Although Lundy in Norse means puffin island, and therefore the word island is superfluous, both Greenwood maps have inset maps of Lundy Island (sic). This was a mistake made by the vast majority of map producers: interestingly Jansson has simply Lunday.

 Size 615 x 695 mm.                                                                                                           Scale of Miles (8 Furlongs and 10 miles = 90 mm).

Map of the County of DEVON From an Actual Survey MADE IN THE YEARS 1825 & 1826, by C. & J. GREENWOOD Published by the Proprietors GREENWOOD & Co. 13, Regent Street, Pall Mall, London. July 4th. 1829 CORRECTED TO THE PRESENT PERIOD. Inset map of LUNDY ISLAND and vignette of EXETER CATHEDRAL1 .

1. 1829    Greenwood & Compy’s Atlas of England and Wales - Part First.  
    London. Greenwood & Co. (1829). BL.
    A number of loose sheets, issued separately or from broken up atlas  (DevA). 
    Atlas of the Counties of England from Actual Surveys made from the Years 1817 to 1833 by C. & J. Greenwood. Published by the proprietors Greenwood & Co Burleigh Street, Strand, London. Engraved by J & C Walker. Published April 1st 1834. CCCCLVIIIa/b
    London. Greenwood & Co. 1834. BL, B, W, C, RGS.
2.  1834 Parliamentary borough boundaries are added with tables of Polling Places etc. according to the Reform Act of 1832.  
    Atlas of the Counties of England  
    London. Greenwood & Co. 1834.   B, W.

[1] Illustration courtesy of Malcolm Woodward.