81 Robert Rowe 1816


Robert Rowe (1775-1843) was an engraver and publisher of a great number of maps including two sets of cards (cards are shown at 61, 75) and one atlas, The English Atlas, which was published in 1816 (folio, 46 maps) with some maps dated as early as 18131. Although Rowe produced the original atlas it was not long before it was taken over by the company of Henry Teesdale. The plates later came into the possession of H G Collins who published lithographs from them in his part-work New British Atlas as well as producing a series of folding maps. This pattern of early ownership was repeated with the New Travelling Atlas of Teesdale (99). However, the maps were finally issued between 1855 and 1864 as folding maps by George Philip in his Popular Series of County Maps as well as in an atlas, Philips’ County Atlas (c.1857).2

Size 340 x 415 mm.                                                                                                                                                   Scale (1+14 = 65 mm) Miles.

A NEW MAP of the COUNTY of DEVONSHIRE Divided into Hundreds. By R. Rowe. in oval frame (Ea). Imprint within title oval: London: Printed for R Rowe, No 19, Bedford Street, Bedford Row, Jany 1. 1816.

1. 1816  The English Atlas by R. Rowe  
    London. R Rowe. 1816. CCCLIVa, B.
2. 1819 Year in imprint amended: 1819.  
    The English Atlas by R. Rowe  
    London. R Rowe. 1816 (1821). CB.
    Also as a single sheet, cut, mounted and cased.  (C).
3. 1829 Title oval removed, and title re-engraved DEVONSHIRE. (Da). Imprint: London, Published by Henry Teesdale & Co. 302, Holborn.  
    New British Atlas corrected to the year 1829  
    London. Henry Teesdale & Co. 1829. CCCCIX, BL, W, C.
    New British Atlas corrected to the year 1830  
    London. Henry Teesdale & Co. 1830.     CCCCX, RGS, C.
4. 1831 Rail Roads added to Explanation. Plymouth Breakwater. Upgrading of roads and inclusion of new roads, eg Plymouth to Totnes, Newton Abbot and Chudleigh as Mail Coach Road. Dartmoor Railway, Exeter and Tavistock Canals with Grand Western Branch to Tiverton. Proposed extension to Trent Tree and Shebbear of Tamar Navigation north of Tamerton and Canal Axmouth-Dorset. (DevA).
    New British Atlas corrected to the year 1831 ,
    London. Henry Teesdale & Co. 1831. CCCCXI, BL, C, W.
5. 1832 Amended to include Parliamentary notes: the NORTHERN and SOUTHERN DIVISIONS added and Maltese Crosses show polling places. Note added below title regarding parliamentary representation. Note on population and taxes added to Explanation panel3. (NDL).
    Improved Edition of the New British Atlas corrected to the year 1832  
    London. Henry Teesdale & Co. 1832.  CCCCXII, BL, C, W, B.
6. 1835 With plate number 14 added (EaOS). Grand Western Canal added.      
    Improved Edition of the New British Atlas corrected to the year 1835  
    London. Henry Teesdale & Co. 1835, 1842. CCCCXIV, B, W, C; C.
7. 1849 Title in lozenge. Imprint: London. Published for the Proprieters, by H G Collins. 22 Paternoster Row. Foliate decoration I4. Plate no., pop. and taxes notes, and most directions outside county removed. Railways to Exeter, Plymouth, Crediton, Tiverton and Seaton.   
    New British Atlas  
    London. Henry George Collins. (1849).  C, W.
8. 1852 Floral decoration I. New Explanation panel II5. Floral decoration around second title The British Gazetteer above DEVONSHIRE (lozenge nearly touching compass).  
    The British Gazetteer by B Clarke Esq.  
    London. Henry George Collins. 1852.  C.
9. 1852 As above with floral decoration II. In atlas with no title page.  BL, C, B.
10. 1852 DEVONSHIRE in plain lozenge (now shorter). Floral decoration I. Original Explanation panel I reinstated (but now finishes Mineral Lines).  
    England Depicted (No. 9). Dissected, mounted on linen, folding into a cloth cover. DevA, KB.
    London. Henry George Collins. (1852).   
11. 1854 Floral decoration II. Explanation II. Projected railways to Exmouth and Barnstaple. Railway to Torquay (town centre). Roads added in surrounding counties.  
    In atlas with no title page. P.
 12.  1855  As above. Label with floral pattern pasted over British Gazetteer. As folding map in cover 340 x 415 mm folding to 250 x 155 mm.  DevA.
     Collins’ Devonshire with its Railways  
13. 1860 All foliate decoration removed. Title only DEVON (Ea). No imprint and no plate number. Railways to Tavistock and Bideford. Original Explanation panel I with Mineral Lines plus extra line not yet finished.  
    Philip´s Popular Series of County Maps – Devon with its railways - Folding map in green paper cover.  
    London. George Philip and Son. (1860). MW.
    Philips’ Atlas of the Counties of England  
    London. George Philip and Son. (1865).   KB6.
14. 1857 Imprint: GEORGE PHILIP AND SON, LONDON AND LIVERPOOL (CeOS). Plate number added (EeOS vertical).  
    Philips’ County Atlas  
    London. George Philip and Son. (1857).   P.

[1] Watermarks reveal some anomolies concerning dating: the RGS 1830 copy has a watermark J Whatman 1830 although the map of Middlesex has a 1831 watermark. In addition the Signet library has dated its copy 1833 and Whitaker also lists a 1833 issue. Teesdale’s Improved Edition was only printed once more, in 1842, although Chubb notes an 1840 edition.

[2] In addition to these issues a note in The Romance of the Road by Cecil Aldin (London. Eyre & Spottiswoode. 1928.) referred to an English Atlas by Teesdale 1828. Eugene Burden; County Maps of Berkshire 1574-1900; (1988) 1991.

[3] This is the standard Explanation table beginning with Market Towns and distances with Totness as example.

[4] Floral decoration I and II are very similar and both borders can be found in British Gazetteer maps: floral decoration I finishes 5 mm further west of 4°30, II finishes directly below; I has two “spikes” at 50°15, II has broadleaf foliage.

[5] Explanation panel II is consistent with others in the British Gazetteer (used for the Leicestershire and Norfolk maps). It has Uxbridge as example of Market Town, begins with Divisions of Counties and ends with an N.B. on Turnpike Road.

[6] A composite atlas with the title page from Philips´ county atlas of 1862 (see 141); contains mostly maps from Rowe which had been folded previously, however, there are a small number of Philips maps (post-1862).