54 Edward Noble / John Cary 1789


Cary’s first county atlas was the New and Correct English Atlas published in 1787 (51, see also his maps of Devonshire at 55, 69, 71, 73, 80 and 92). Just two years later, in1789, he produced maps for an edition of Camden’s Britannia translated by Richard Gough (folio, in 3 Vols with 60 maps). This does not seem to have been very successful, although it was issued a second time in 1806. Meanwhile, however, the maps from this work were used by John Stockdale in his New British Atlas published in 1805.

The map of Devon was drawn by E Noble. Edward Noble (fl. 1771-1784) was a journeyman bookseller and draughtsman but also wrote a book on perspective. He died in April 17841. John Stockdale (1749-1814) once both blacksmith and personal valet became an important London publisher and edited and published the works of Dr Samuel Johnson in 1787. As well as producing the New British Atlas which utilised Cary’s Britannia maps, Stockdale also issued the second edition of Britannia in 1806.

Size 430 x 475 mm.                                                                                        Statute Miles 691/2 to a Degree of Latitude (1+10 = 64 mm).

A MAP of DEVONSHIRE from the best AUTHORITIES with imprint: Engraved by J Cary. Signature: E Noble delint et curavit (EeOS).

1. 1789   Proof copy with the bottom border lower, only coast shading breaking the inner line. Sheet height is 441 mm. Longitude West from London is engraved to the left of Bolt Head.   B.
2.  1789 Lundy and Prawle Point extend into border. Longitude West from London between inner and outer borders (Ce).  (NDL), (Ply).
    Britannia ... by William Camden ... Translated by Richard Gough ...  
    London. T Payne and Son, and G G J & J Robinson. 1789. CCLXXI, BL, W.
3. 1805 Imprint: Published by John Stockdale Picadilly 26th, March 1805. added below title but above Cary’s imprint. Road alterations and inclusion of waterways: Tamar Navigation, Tavistock Canal and intended Grand Western Canal.  (NDL).
    New British Atlas  
    London. John Stockdale. 1805. CCCXIX, B.
    New British Atlas  
    London. John Stockdale. (1809). BL, RGS, C, B, W.
    Britannia 2nd Edition.  
    London. John Stockdale. 1806. CCLXXII, BL, B.

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