50 John Hatchett / George Augustus Walpoole / Alexander Hogg


George Augustus Walpoole (or Walpole) was a British topographer responsible for only one notable cartographic work, The New British Traveller, which appeared in 1784. This was a five-part work and Walpoole was assisted in its preparation by A Society of Gentlemen. The folio atlas contains 23 plates mostly showing 2, though some 4, maps of the English counties with very decorative scrolls top and bottom; Devon was printed under Cornwall (with inset map of the Scilly Isles), consequently a loose copy of Devon will lack the upper scroll and sometimes the map is trimmed to the borders removing the bottom scroll and imprint.  It was inserted opposite the first text page to Cornwall (p.388).

Although most of the maps were engraved by Thomas Conder, the signature of John Hatchett (fl. 1784-1803) is found under the map of Devon. Rather strangely, it appears only after changes were made for the second edition which although dated 1784 was issued c.1790. Many names are added to the second edition, eg Conder’s name is added to the map of Northumberland and John Lodge’s to a view of Dulwich College. Hatchett’s name does not appear in the list of engravers on the title page. John Hatchett was apprenticed to Joseph Ellis in 1776 and produced a number of maps including some for James Cook, A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean.1

The map of Devon usually has the coat of arms of Exeter, however a variation has recently been seen with no coat of arms and the name of Delarochette is present in the title panel to the Cornwall map implying an earlier issue.2 Devon is a close copy of the Joseph Ellis map of 1765 (see 46). It also shows the same mines, names St. George’s Channel and uses Seaton as the example of a town holding a regular fair in the Explanation table. Obviously the engraver copied both Cornwall and Devon from Ellis, even to the extent of including Delarochette's name in the top map. This was removed and the shields added, possibly before publication, or at least very early on. The numbering below has been amended to reflect this. Given Hatchett's connection to Ellis, he may well have engraved this map.

The British Library copy has an incomplete date and other copies inspected have also had part of the date deleted. In 1794 the maps reappeared, the atlas now entitled The New and Complete English Traveller, again prepared by A Society of Gentlemen but revised, corrected and improved by William Hugh Dalton.


Size 155 x 200 mm.                                                                                                  British Statute Miles 69 to a Degree (24 = 39 mm).

A Modern MAP of DEVON SHIRE, Drawn from the latest Surveys; Corrected & Improved by the best Authorities. Imprints: Engrav’d for WALPOOLE’s New and Complete BRITISH TRAVELLER. above map of Cornwall (CaOS) and imprint: Published by ALEXr HOGG at the King’s Arms No. 16 PATERNOSTER ROW (CeOS). Scroll borders above and below. No shield.


P.  1784 Possibly a proof copy and map of Cornwall has title/imprint: A Modern Map of CORNWALL Drawn from an Actual Survey; By DE LA ROCHETTE. P.
1. 1784 Shield added right of compass. [Delarochette's name deleted from map of Cornwall.]  CCLI
    The New British Traveller... Published by George Augustus Walpoole  
    London. Alexander Hogg. 1784. BL, (E), (DEI).
2. 1790 Cartouche and coat of arms retouched. Signature added: Hatchett Sculpt (EeOS). Imprint below map erased together with scroll work      (E), (NDL), (DEI).
    The New British Traveller...  
    London. Alexander Hogg. 1784 (1790). W, BCL.
    The New and Complete English Traveller ... Revised, corrected and improved by William Hugh Dalton.  
    London. Alexander Hogg. 1794 CCLII, BL.


[1] See Worms and Baynton-Williams; p.305.

[2] Kit Batten in a Letter to the Editor; Wayward Walpoole; in The Map Collector; Winter 1995 Issue 73 mentions a trimmed map of Devon only. A complete sheet with Devon and Cornwall has been acquired by a Devon collector (October 2013) and kindly made available for this website. Our thanks to the collector.