48 Emanuel Bowen 1767


In 1767 Emanuel Bowen and his son Thomas (fl.1749-1790) produced the Atlas Anglicanus. The maps were issued in 15 parts, each of three maps; Devon appeared with Cornwall and Somerset. Although the maps are graticuled, the map of Devon is distorted and the scale inaccurate. The correct figures at latitude 510 for 1 degree latitude is 69.5 miles and longitude is 43.4 miles. This would give scales of 1M=3.6 mm East-West and 1M=2.5 mm North-South. Consequently the map accentuates the East-West dimension. The topographical information had appeared in the Large Atlas and Royal Atlas (37 and 42 respectively) but the vignettes, insets and references to seats of nobility etc. were removed.

Size 225 x 330 mm.  British Statute Miles (12 = 63 mm).

DEVON SHIRE, Divided into HUNDREDS. Containing the City, Burough and Market Towns &c, with concise Historical Extracts, relative to its Natural Produce Trade and Manufactures. Describing also the Church Livings, with other Improvements not inserted in any other Half Sheet County Maps Extant. By Eman: Bowen Geogr. to His late Majy. Page number No. 4. (EaOS). Distances between towns.                                                                                                                            

1.  1767 Atlas Anglicanus   (DevA).
    London. T Kitchin. (1767).1 BCL, B, W, C.
2. 1770 Imprint added: Printed for T. Kitchin No 59 Holborn Hill. (CeOS). Page number deleted.2  (DevA), (DEI).
    Atlas Anglicanus  
    London. T Kitchin. (1770). CCXXXII, BL, RGS.
    Atlas Anglicanus  
    London. T Kitchin and A Dury. 1777. CCXXXIII, BL, B.
3. 1785 Title altered: BOWLES’s NEW MEDIUM MAP OF DEVONSHIRE, Divided into its HUNDREDS. Exhibiting the Roads, Towns & Villages: with their Distance from London. Church Livings, Seats of the Nobility and Historical Remarks. in oval frame together with imprint: LONDON: Printed for the Proprietor Carington Bowles, No 69 in St Pauls Church Yard. Plate no. 10 (EaOS). Imprint: Published as the Act directs. 3 Jan. 1785. (CeOS). Distances between towns erased, distances from London added.       (NDL).
    Bowles’s New Medium English Atlas  
    London. Carington Bowles. 1785.  CCLV, BL, W, B, C.
     Bowles’s New Medium English Atlas  
    London. Bowles and Carver. (1795).    CB3.
4. 1800 Imprint: LONDON: Printed for the Proprietors Bowles & Carver, No 69 in St Paul’s Church Yard.  
    Loose sheet provenance unknown                                                                                    [P4].

[1] The Birmingham Central Library atlas is dated by hand 1797, but this is undoubtedly an error. The mileages are those between towns, ie pre-1785.

[2] Illustration courtesy of the Devon Archives & Local Studies, Exeter - LM DEV/1767/BOW1770.

[3] Also has maps with imprint of next state.

[4] A loose copy of Devon with this imprint (state 4) was sold by Roger Collicott in April 1999.