21 Robert Morden 1695

21.1 Robert Morden - Britannia - Courtesy of Susan and David Crossland at Lindisfarne Maps

21.3 Robert Morden - Britannia

Robert Morden - additions and amendments, some examples

Towns were added hastily and sometimes amended very simply by adding a raised letter to name (blue) before the first state was issued, e.g. Kegbere and Trenchardley.

A number of changes were made for the second issue in 1722 (red).

In the area surrounding Okehampton:

Soford becomes Stonford,  Swarton becomes Soreton, Chegford becomes Chagford, Sele becomes Zeal Monochorum, Neuytrasye becomes Nywettracey, Samford becomes Samford=Courtenay, Clanobere becomes Clanoborro=ugh, Hunichurchligh becomes Honichurch. 

In the area of Exeter:

Pynhawes becomes Pynhoe and Dunsedick becomes Dunchidiock.