19 Francis Lamb / Philip Lea / (Christopher Saxton) 1689


Philip Lea (d.1700), publisher and instrument maker, worked with many leading cartographers including Morden and Moll. He acquired Christopher Saxton’s plates some time after 1665 (later than the Web issue, 1.3) and republished the famous Wall Map in 1687. Although Lea obtained most of the Saxton county plates, Devonshire and Northumberland were missing. Possibly casualties of the Great Fire it seems strange that only two plates were lost or damaged. Whatever the reason, Lea had these two plates replaced by new ones. Devon was signed by Francis Lamb and was a copy of Saxton but with much additional information included from other sources, such as the coats of arms including that of William Cavendish, hundreds, markets and Exeter inset which matched the changes that Lea had carried out to his other Saxton maps. Other changes were the erasure of the Royal and Seckford Arms; erasure of decorative details; and reengraving of titles and scales.

Lamb (fl.1670-1700) engraved maps for Petty’s Geographical Description, for Seller and charts for Greenville Collins. He engraved a number of Richard Blome’s maps and at least two maps (Kent and Essex) intended for an uncompleted atlas by John Ogilby as well as some of the famous road maps.

Size 390 x 440 mm. A Scale of Miles (10 = 66 mm).

DEVON=SHIRE Described by C: Saxon (sic). Corrected Amended and many Additions by P: Lea. Signature: Francis Lamb Sculp (AeOS). Inset plan of EXCESTER1

1. 1689  All the Shires of England and Wales                                                               
    London. Philip Lea. (1689). S110, BL, RGS.
2.  1694 Saxton corrected. Roads, crosses and Exeter’s mitre added. Latin names from Speed, eg ISCA DANMONIOR. Note Brixham key ye Princ of Orang Land.  
    The Shires of England and Wales  
    London. Philip Lea. (1694). VIII, S112, BL, W.
    Atlas Anglois  
    London. Philip Lea. (1694). S113, CB
3.  1732 Imprint; Sold by Geo: Willdey at ye Great Toy, Spectacle, China ware, and Print Shop, the Corner of Ludgate Street near St Pauls London (Ae) below shields.  
    The Shires of England and Wales  
    London. George Willdey. (1732).2 H183, BL, W.
4.  1749 George Willdey’s imprint removed.  
    The Shires Of England and Wales ... Sold byThomas Jefferys  
    London. Thomas Jefferys. (1749).3 H184, BL.
    Atlas without title-page. (Cluer Dicey and Co. also sold loose sheets.)  
    (London. Dicey & Co. 1772.) H185, W. 


[1] Illustration courtesy of Malcolm Woodward.

[2] The copy in the Whitaker Collection (W3, H183) has a title-page with reference to Jefferys bound in later by Harold Whitaker and presumed to come from a later edition (i.e. state 4). Additionally, in Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries XX(I) 1938 Daphne Drake refers to two issues: 1720-46 with Thomas & John Bowles imprint; and 1763 with imprint of Robert Sayer. Sir H G Fordham in his 1914 Hertfordshire supplement lists a 1733 Thomas Bowles edition.

[3] An atlas without title page but assumed to correspond to the Jefferys title page noted above.