V. den Keere 1605


2. 1617            Page number 113 and a horizontal H type printed on map.[1]


                        Guilielmi Camdeni, Viri clarissimi Britannia , sive florentissimorum Regnorum Angliae, Scotiae, Hiberniae, & Insularum adjacentium ... descriptio.

                        Amsterdam. Guilielmi Ianssonij (W J Blaeu). 1617.                        X, S12, BL, C, W, RGS.


3. 1619            Title is now DEVONSHIRE, the cartouche extending to the border. Plate number 7 (Be) added. No text on reverse. No page number or signature (ie no 113 or H).


                        England, Wales And Ireland: The severall Counties, Abridged from A farr larger vollume: By John Speed ... to bee sold by George Humble in pops head alley                                                 

                        London. George Humble. (1619).                                                                                    BL.


4. 1627            Number 7 erased and - 9 - added (Ed) above title. Reverse has English text taken from first Devon page of Speed.                                                                                                             (E), (NDL).


                          England Wales Scotland and Ireland Described and Abridged With ye Historie Relation of things worthy memory [2]

                        London. George Humble. 1627.                                                                        XI, S17, BL.

                        London. George Humble. 1627 (1632).                                                     XII, S19, BL, W.


                        England Wales Scotland and Ireland Described[3]

                        London. William Humble. 1627 (1646).                                                   XIII, S37, BL, W.


                        England Wales Scotland and Ireland Described

                        London. Roger Rea the Elder and younger. 1662[4].                                  XV, S69, W, BCL.


                        England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland Described (No title-page.)[5]

                        London. Roger Rea. 1665.                                                                                S82,[Gard.].


5. 1666            The plate has been touched up; S of SHIRE goes into lower border and half-circle by scale now completed through border. 3 cracks now evident in Devon plate (see p.xii).


                        England Wales Scotland and Ireland Described

                        London. Roger Rea. 1666, (1668).                                         XVI, S83,[B]; S86, BL, RGS.


                        England Wales Scotland and Ireland Described[6]

                        London. Thomas Bassett and Richard Chiswell. 1676.                            XVII, S93, BL, W.

[1] This edition had Latin text by Regner Vittelius on reverse. The maps usually contain printer’s collation reference letters and numbers in addition to page numbers (see illustrations). The map of Devon (on p. 113) is the first page of an H series (p. 115 is H2, p. 117 is H3 etc.). The map is bound in sideways and east may be at the top or bottom of the page. The H appears inside the map border, either easily seen, in Somerset, or partly concealed within the shotsilk sea off the Cornish coast. Where the map is backed with the Latin text (DAMNONII. C. Iterior ... ) and has the page number 113 left or right it will also have the printed H. This does not follow for all the maps but when collation occurs and the map is printed on the right hand page a signature letter will appear (eg Oxford has been seen with P, Hartford Q3, Norfolk T30, Lincoln Y2 etc). Guilielmi Camdeni was reprinted in 1639 with maps by Bertius.

[2] These were printed by John Dawson but the text was corrected for the later issue.

[3] Issued bound with A Prospect of the Most Famous parts of the World ... performed by John Speed, Printed by M.F. (Miles Fletcher) for William Humble dated 1646.

[4] Clive Burden has a copy with the 1627 title-page with a Roger Rea label pasted over it.

[5] Text reset; bound with Prospect with a title page Printed by M.S. (Mary Simons).

[6] Text again reset, dated 1676. Bound with Prospect dated 1676. Collective title page An Epitome of Mr John Speed’s Theatre ... And of His Prospect ... 1676.